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13-09-2016 10:55  |  High Precision Manufacturing
International Conference on Advanced Research in Mechanical Engineering

12-09-2016 08:49  |  High Precision Manufacturing
[1] van der Bijl, R.-J.M., Fähnle, O.W., van Brug, H. and Braat, J.J.M. (2000) Inprocess Monitoring of Grinding and Polishing of Optical Surfaces. Applied Optics, 39, 3300. [2] Fan, K.-C., Lee, M.-Z. and Mou, J.-I. (2002) On-Line Non-Contact System for Grinding Wheel Wear Measurement. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 19, 14-22. [3] Lim, H.S., Son, S.M., Wong, Y.S. and Rahman, M. (2007) Development and Evaluation of an On-Machine Optical Measurement Device. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 47, 1556-1562. [4] Ji, Z. and Leu, M.C. (1989) Design of Optical Triangulation Devices. Optics & Laser Technology, 21, 339-...

18-08-2016 23:07  |  High Precision Manufacturing
In Booth E-5532, The L.S. Starrett Company (Athol, MA) will display their AVR300 CNC vision system that offers 12 in x 8 in x 8 in travel, Z-axis measuring, a powerful MetLogix software control system, 6.5:1 (optional 12:1) zoom optics and several LED illumination options. These systems are general-purpose CNC video-based measurement systems, ideal for quality assurance, inspection labs, manufacturing, assembly and research facilities. A precision mechanical bearing X-Y-Z stage and column translates data accurately and with repeatability to the MetLogix software. This compact bench top system is precise and powerful. Also on display will be their innovative HDV300 Horizontal Digital Video comparator that combines the best features of a horizontal optical comparator and a vision metrology ...

20-07-2016 05:00  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Hardinge’s Kenneberger Varia universal cylindrical grinding machine is designed for improved part surface quality and functional design with high-precision technology.

16-06-2016 13:52  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Introduced in North America by GF Machining Solutions, the AgieCharmilles Cut X series of Wire EDMs is designed for precision machining of complex parts in high-volume production runs.

03-03-2016 09:54  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Currently, one of the best ways of manufacturing high quantities of complicated components & products is CNC machining. When it comes to a CNC machining company that is one of the most important sectors as in it ensures one of the smooth functioning of other businesses. The sector uses diverse machining techniques. That includes manual as well as CNC machining services. This is most preferred due to the fact that the benefits that come with. ...

03-03-2016 04:32  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Injection moulding machinery, Injection moulding machines manufacturers, Injection moulding machine manufacturers, Manufacturer of injection moulding machine, Hydraulic Injection moulding machine, Plastic Injection moulding machine Manufacturers. ...

03-03-2016 04:32  |  High Precision Manufacturing
to implement conformal cooling, reducing injection moulding time by 17% and improving component quality Magna in developing production processes for injection moulded plastic parts. A recent project concerned

02-03-2016 20:25  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Manufacturing continued to struggle with the weakness in oil prices, shedding 9,000 jobs during the month. read more

02-03-2016 16:23  |  High Precision Manufacturing
IMG - 3D Printer Makes Parts Stronger Than Steel Videos A just-unveiled machine is one of a number of new manufacturing processes that could transform how America makes things, as well as what America makes. Contributed Author:  Wall Street Journal Topics:  Technology

01-03-2016 01:00  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Abstract In the process of electrical discharge machining (EDM) ablation, discharge energy can heat the materials, activate the surface, and eliminate metal corrosion. We study the discharge energy by building an ablation machining energy model. We show that in theory, the magnitude of the discharge energy directly determines the processing speed of ablation milling. Based on single-pulse discharge experiments, we observe an exponential increase in the EDM ablation pit diameter with increasing discharge energy. The ablation pit model is built to study the effect of the discharge energy on the ablation pit depth. The effect of discharge energy on the material removing rate (MRR), electrode wear rate (EWR), and surface roughness rate (Ra) of the EDM ablation was studied in this paper. The re...

23-02-2016 00:53  |  High Precision Manufacturing
The Renishaw Productive Process Pyramid provides a building-block approach to eliminating variation at its source, controlling it from the bottom up in four steps: establish stable machine operating conditions; address predictable sources of variation, such as location of the part, size of tools and offsets; deliver intelligent in-process feedback; and ensure the process and the part are checked against specifications via post-process monitoring. Location Mazak Southwest Technology Center 10950 Greenbend Blvd. Houston, TX 77067 United States 29° 56' 22.218" N, 95° 25' 43.1256" W See map: Google Maps The Renishaw Process Control Road Show travels to Texas with two half-day sessions featuring metrology solutions to improve machining performance and increase manufacturing process cap...

19-02-2016 18:54  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Publication date: April 2016 Source:Precision Engineering, Volume 44 Author(s): Martin Camboulives, Claire Lartigue, Pierre Bourdet, José Salgado This paper deals with a calibration procedure of a 3D working space based on multilateration using a unique tracking interferometer. The key point of the procedure, detailed for a Cartesian CMM, is the definition of a reference measuring system built from the successive locations of a single tracer independently of the machine kinematics. Procedure limits are thus highlighted and can be classified into three types: limits of the devices (interferometer and measuring rule performances), limits linked to the use of a single tracer (reflector reorientation for visibility purposes), and limits linked to the algorithm. To evaluate associated uncertai...

11-02-2016 21:33  |  High Precision Manufacturing
The Tongtai CT-350 VMC, available from Absolute Machine Tools, offers a small footprint and five-axis machining capability.

04-02-2016 04:06  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Protomet Corp., an Oak Ridge, Tenn., precision machine shop, announced a $30-million expansion to add 100,000 sq.ft. of space and new manufacturing capabilities. read more

01-02-2016 14:30  |  High Precision Manufacturing
This shop’s micromachining needs, primarily for medical components, ultimately led to the development of a new multifunction turning center platform geared toward producing tiny parts complete.

15-09-2015 14:28  |  High Precision Manufacturing
The 2016 and 2017 ‘Factories of the Future’ draft call topics have been published online as part of the pre-publication of the European Commission’s draft Horizon 2020 Work Programme. The indicative draft budget for the 2016 call is €160 million. As in previous years, the call topics are based upon the research and innovation priorities of the ‘Factories of the Future’ strategic research agenda: ‘Factories of the Future 2020’.

17-04-2015 15:37  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Available from Methods Machine Tools, the Yasda YMC 430 Ver. II micromachining center is designed for precise manufacturing and high-quality surface finishes required on small, complex features in components, dies and molds for applications in the medical and semiconductor industries.

26-09-2014 19:51  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Portable metrology arms provide many benefits, as do standard CMMs, but how do these devices differ from each other? This company relies on both and describes the applications for which these technologies are particularly well-suited.

17-05-2013 20:45  |  High Precision Manufacturing
GF AgieCharmilles will host a special anniversary open house event commemorating the company’s 60 years of Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) technology development. The two-day 60th Anniversary Event will include educational seminars, training sessions and technology demonstrations along with special celebration activities. Location GF AgieCharmilles 560 Bond St. Lincolnshire, IL United States See map: Google Maps GF AgieCharmilles will host a special anniversary open house event commemorating the company’s 60 years of Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) technology development. The two-day 60th Anniversary Event will include educational seminars, training sessions and technology demonstrations along with special celebration activities. Sixty years ago, GF AgieCharmilles began...

12-09-2016 08:52  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Established in northern Italy in 1961, Sisma is a global player in the design and production of high precision manufacturing machinery and also the country’s largest manufacturer of laser systems. More specifically, being located in the historical Italian district of Vicenza, known for its goldsmithing and home to one-fifth of the country’s gold and jewellery industry, Sisma is rooted in the perfect place for making its mark one of its three key areas of focus: jewellery. Sisma first started developing additive manufacturing systems in 2011. In that time, awareness of direct 3D printing processes with precious metals has grown for both jewellers and customers in the luxury products market, and so too have Sisma’s technologies. Being active in the jewellery sector for such a long ...

18-08-2016 18:49  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Grinding very small-diameter instruments for use in medical procedures is a niche business for this micro-grinding machine manufacturer. The company makes machines that use a variety of grinding techniques to manufacture guidewires for the medical industry.

03-03-2016 10:10  |  High Precision Manufacturing
High precision manufacturing, and thus the development of new and improved high precision processes and machines, has gained much greater prominence in the last decade. Many advanced technology products depend entirely on one or more components being manufactured to tolerances or dimensions in the micro-or even nanotechnology range. The paper gives a few examples and summarises today's state-of-the-art in dimensional measurement and servo motion control for instruments and ultra precision machine systems needed to meet this growing demand. A forward look is made at ‘atomic-bit’ engineering based on scanning tunnelling microscopy. Advanced Manufacturing Technology; Precision Engineering; Dimensional Tolerances; Nanotechnolgy; Design of Ultra Precision Machines; Topografiner; Scanning...

03-03-2016 04:32  |  High Precision Manufacturing
topics including hot runners, materials, injection moulding, design, additive manufacturing and many

03-03-2016 04:32  |  High Precision Manufacturing
New Tool Measurement and Inspection Models March 1, 2016 Elbo Controlli, a provider of presetting solutions solutions distributed through Koma Precision, Inc., offers a new generation of tool presetters, the newly designed

02-03-2016 19:43  |  High Precision Manufacturing
IMG - Enhancing multisensor data fusion on light sectioning coordinate measuring systems for the in-process inspection of freeform shaped parts Publication date: Available online 2 March 2016 Source:Precision Engineering Author(s): Alexander Schöch, Alessandro Salvadori, Simone Carmignato, Enrico Savio A method for automatic determination of sensors positions and orientations in multisensor laser triangulation coordinate measuring systems is presented. Based on a series of measurements on a conical artifact without the use of external light sources, the approach allows for both optimized adjustment of the physical sensors alignment and improved 3D data registration by software. Simulations were conducted to quantify the sensitivity of the method. Experimental results based on measurements of steep details of complex shaped parts show a 5-times reduction of deviations between measurements of sensors with respect to an already opti...

02-03-2016 15:21  |  High Precision Manufacturing
The conference will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the technical processes available to and how they can be incorporated.

22-02-2016 06:00  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Descargar adjunto The UL AMCC trains manufacturing professionals to safely and effectively use additive manufacturing technologies.

12-02-2016 19:14  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Publication date: Available online 12 February 2016 Source:Precision Engineering Author(s): Shi-wei Ye, Ping Yang, Yun-feng Peng This paper proposes an optimal stitching planning for two-dimensional profile measurement of large aspheric surface by applying small range profiler as the measuring machine. The originality of this paper reflects on two aspects: (1) According to the applied range of probe, the amount of overlap region and the geometric characteristic of large aspheric surface, a segmentation planning algorithm is presented to determine the segment parameters during the measuring process. Considering the measurement efficiency and stitching accuracy synthetically, the applied range of probe with ±4mm and the amount of overlap region with 20% of segment length are regarded as the...

10-02-2016 19:50  |  High Precision Manufacturing
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on grinding machines of various capacities.

03-02-2016 22:27  |  High Precision Manufacturing
The CMSC is known worldwide for its expert-level, original slate of technical papers and presentations covering measurement and inspection trends, successful applications and innovations in the metrology field, R&D, and industry best practices. Location Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville SE 1200 Conference Center Blvd Murfreesboro, TN 37129 United States 35° 51' 46.7748" N, 86° 26' 54.6576" W See map: Google Maps The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS), the membership association for 3D measurement professionals, launched online attendee registration is open for the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC). The CMSC is known worldwide for its expert-level, original slate of technical papers and presentations covering measurement and inspection trends, successful applicati...

26-01-2016 20:31  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Vomat’s FA-series fine-filtration systems provide grinding oil quality to purity Class 7 NAS with a particle size of 3 to 5 microns to ensure that coolant remains in good quality for economical production grinding.

25-05-2015 20:18  |  High Precision Manufacturing
With a focus on equipment for machining very small workpieces and features, this month’s product spotlight runs the gamut from micro drills to waterjets to dedicated micromachining centers.

14-04-2015 15:32  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Sharp Industries’ Model SR-6.7 rotary table features a diameter of 6.7" and is designed for optimum handling of small workpieces using the 5C collet and collet closure system.

14-08-2014 15:54  |  High Precision Manufacturing
The Lumex Avance-25 from MC Machinery Systems and Matsuura Machinery Corp. combines metal laser sintering technology with high-speed milling technology to produce complex parts using digital engineering and 3D data.

13-09-2016 10:55  |  High Precision Manufacturing
This 1st edition of PHOTOPTICS will feature 3 different tracks on Optics, Photonics and Lasers, covering both theoretical and practical aspe

12-09-2016 08:50  |  High Precision Manufacturing
A high-resolution transducer of linear displacements is presented. The system is based on semiconductor laser illumination and a diffraction grating applied as a length master. The theory of the optical method is formulated using Doppler description. The relationship model among the interference strips, measurement errors, grating deflection around the X, Y and Z axes and translation along the Z axis is built. The grating interference strips' direction and space is not changed with movement along the X (direction of grating movement), Y (direction of grating line), Z axis, and the direction and space has a great effect when rotating around the X axis. Moreover the space is little affected by deflection around the Z axis however the direction is changed dramatically. In addition, the str...

30-08-2016 04:44  |  High Precision Manufacturing
The $148 billion medical device market in the United States is the largest in the world and is expected to grow to $155 billion by 2017. Demand is high for contract manufacturers that can meet the machining, micro machining, and laser processing demands for smaller and more complex surgical implants, orthotic devices and medical instruments that are being made from newer materials. To help OEMs save time and money and get medical devices into the marketplace faster, contract shops must be able to deliver very small burr-free features (<50 microns) with tolerances as tight as ±1.0 micron that require no secondary processing. Here is some of the newest equipment and tooling that is available to help these shops quickly deliver accurate, dependable components that meet all validation and ...

31-07-2016 19:58  |  High Precision Manufacturing
In Booth S-9119, Methods 3D, Inc. (Sudbury, MA) will be showcasing their new ProX™ DMP 320 direct metal 3D printer from 3D Systems Corporation (Rock Hill, SC) that sets a new standard in metal 3D printing. It is designed for high precision, high throughput direct metal printing and is optimized for critical applications requiring complex, chemically-pure titanium, stainless steel, or nickel super alloy parts. The ProX DMP 320 is designed for production manufacturing, with exchangeable manufacturing modules that support rapid material change or replenishment, allowing shops to keep pace with demanding production cycles and enabling efficient powder recycling. It offers a large 10.82 in (275 mm) x 10.82 in (275 mm) x 16.53 in (420 mm) build volume and is designed to handle critical industr...

03-03-2016 06:19  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Frustum’s topology optimization software and Quickparts DMP combine to meet GE Aircraft engine bracket challenge, cutting the part’s weight by 70% and meeting functional requirements. read more

03-03-2016 04:32  |  High Precision Manufacturing
semiconductor manufacturing. The precise injection moulding technique is used to produce plastic parts are durable and resistant. The vehicle keys are injection-moulded from "thermoplastics" and provide a material

02-03-2016 21:31  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Carey Smith, Founder and Chief Big Ass, Big Ass Fans For Big Ass Fans, proximity to its production lines, to its suppliers and most importantly, to its customers was paramount in moving its residential fan manufacturing to Kentucky. read more

02-03-2016 19:43  |  High Precision Manufacturing
IMG - A new representation with probability distribution for nanometric surface roughness in ultra-precision machining Publication date: Available online 2 March 2016 Source:Precision Engineering Author(s): S.J. Zhang, S. To, S.J. Wang, G.Q. Zhang Ultra-precision machining (UPM) commonly produces nanometric surface roughness (NSR), which is governed by high-frequency components with tool marks sensitive to noise. Its spacing features (SF) majorly affect optical quality by diffraction and interference. However, the ISO SR standard cannot effectively represent SF. In this study, a new representation for SF was developed by evaluating surface derivative, as extra SR parameters. Probability distribution with the 95-99 rule was adopted to reduce noise effects. The results were found that the extra SR parameters well represents SF and are sensitive to spatial frequency. Probability distribution is an efficient m...

02-03-2016 14:51  |  High Precision Manufacturing
There is much to learn and understand about 3D Printing, its growth & development and its future.

29-02-2016 14:23  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Intricate components made through laser melting go directly to a five-axis machine as part of a service combining additive and subtractive processing.

19-02-2016 18:54  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Publication date: April 2016 Source:Precision Engineering, Volume 44 Author(s): Bala Muralikrishnan, Steve Phillips, Daniel Sawyer Thirty years since their invention, laser trackers are now recognized as the measurement tool of choice in the manufacture and assembly of large components. The general design of laser trackers, i.e., a ranging unit on a two-axis gimbal, has not changed significantly over the years. However, innovations in ranging technology, for example, the emergence of increasingly accurate absolute distance meters (ADMs), are providing users with an alternative to interferometers (IFMs). Hand-held accessories such as touch probes and line scanners are expanding the scope and applicability of laser trackers. In this paper, we survey the literature in all areas of laser track...

11-02-2016 23:12  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Publication date: Available online 10 February 2016 Source:International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture Author(s): Wenzheng Ding, Xiaochun Zhu, Xiaodiao Huang The tilting-rotary table becomes a standard accessory for five-axis machine tools. An approach for volumetric errors evaluation taking into account servo and geometric errors of the tilting-rotary table is proposed in this paper. A simple machining model of volumetric circles is used to evaluate volumetric errors due to servo errors of the tilting-rotary table. A kinematic error model is used to predict the volumetric errors resulting from geometric errors associated with the tilting-rotary table. Then effects of the two error sources are added to predict the total volumetric errors. A test part obtained by improving the co...

04-02-2016 15:34  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Here are 10 ideas we found this week to make designing, programming, machining, and finishing precision parts more effective and productive. read more

01-02-2016 16:38  |  High Precision Manufacturing
A manufacturer that is distinctive for its attention to in-cycle machining productivity describes its efforts to obtain efficiency improvements outside of the machining cycle. The shop’s primary tool is a simple, daily, graphical recap that illustrates when each machine tool was and was not making parts.

06-11-2015 21:20  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Makino's full line of wire EDM, sinker EDM and EDM hole-drilling machines are now equipped with the company's s suite of Hyper Technologies, previously introduced for U-series wire EDMs,

20-04-2015 15:39  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Omax’s MicroMax JetMachining Center is capable of cutting micron-level parts or features from materials including exotic metals, composites, polymer thermoplastics and glass.

13-04-2015 15:30  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Designed for small-part manufacturing applications, the Deco-Flex tooling interface from Exsys is said to offer flexibility, precision and cost savings.

28-04-2014 20:43  |  High Precision Manufacturing
Toolholder employs a secondary locking system to counter the high axial cutting forces encountered during the development of a tool for high-metal-removal-rate milling of titanium.