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12-09-2016 16:53  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Case study: Siemens reduces train failures with Teradata Aster - RCR Wireless News RCR Wireless News Case study: Siemens reduces train failures with Teradata Aster RCR Wireless News According to a case study provided by Teradata, Siemens is moving toward a more cost-effective, condition-based and predictive maintenance model. The condition of components is measured using transfer and remote monitoring of diagnostic sensor data; ...

12-09-2016 09:47  |  Maintenance & Support
Manuf Rev (Les Ulis). Author manuscript; available in PMC 2016 Aug 12. Published in final edited form as: PMCID: PMC4981924 NIHMSID: NIHMS804438 1Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, USA 2Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, University of Cincinnati, 560 Baldwin Hall, 2600 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45221, USA 3U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8230, Gaithersburg, MD 20899, USA 42300 Hayward St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and rep...

12-09-2016 09:40  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Not just for maintenance: How CMMS benefits other functions | Plant Engineering Smartware Group 07/18/2016 It's true that Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is typically designed for maintenance operations. With the advancement of cloud-based CMMS/EAM, however, well-designed platforms have become an essential system for other departments within, and outside of, the organization. A Spend Matters interview with Michael Croasdale, senior project manager at Source One Management Services, relays that MRO service providers should be lock-step in line with client companies, to the degree that they're sharing "specific data to benchmark pricing, [ensuring] service levels exceed industry standard and [helping] to institute industry best practices." One way to maintain this alignment, of course, is through supplier access to the client's CMMS. Internally, ...

08-09-2016 01:00  |  Maintenance & Support
Der neue Live-Park Instandhaltung auf der Maintain (18. bis 20.Oktober in München) zeigt anschaulich, was derzeit technisch möglich ist The post Maintain zeigt Technologie zum Anfassen appeared first on B&I.

05-09-2016 04:01  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - The emerging Darwinian approach to analytics and augmented intelligence - TechCrunch TechCrunch The emerging Darwinian approach to analytics and augmented intelligence TechCrunch Another area of rapid algorithmic evolution is predictive maintenance. Now that the industrial Internet of Things provides streaming sensor readings from most equipment, it's critical to immediately analyze those readings. That analysis predicts when a ...

02-09-2016 16:27  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - The Impact of the Connected Vehicle - Tire Review Tire Review The Impact of the Connected Vehicle Tire Review Predictive maintenance takes this one step further by predicting future failures and recommending preventative action through the use of on-board fault detection systems. But collecting and storing FDI data until it's transmitted through the telematics ...

25-08-2016 10:00  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Wartungs- und Analysetool für Feinschneidpressen Descargar adjunto Das Technologieunternehmen Feintool präsentiert auf der Euroblech 2016 in Halle 27, Stand J104 sein webbasiertes Wartungs- und Analysetool Feinmonitoring. In Verbindung mit dem Wartungskonzept Smart Maintenance soll damit eine maximale Verfügbarkeit von Feinschneidanlagen ermöglicht werden.

22-08-2016 11:02  |  Maintenance & Support
Cutting costly false alarms and increasing the reliability of Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitoring will be crucial to tackling long-term maintenance budget overruns and boosting asset performance, a report from Finland's Vaisala highlights.

04-08-2016 05:00  |  Maintenance & Support
Harald Großmann, service centre manager for Sulzer's Neuss Service centre in Germany looks at the maintenance challenges facing petrochemical refineries and how to improve asset performance and reliability.

25-07-2016 01:08  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Predictive analytics: Does it really matter? A lot has been said and written about predictive analytics. Most of the attention focuses on applying forecasting techniques to the domains of marketing and security. More recently, however, the rise of machine generated data (e.g., M2M, Industrial Internet of Things, Industries 4.0, etc.) has opened a new playground for data scientists. Read more here

11-07-2016 09:00  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Predictive Maintenance: Wartung 4.0 senkt Kosten Predictive Maintenance: Wartung 4.0 senkt Kosten  2016-07-11 08:00:21  |  @VDMAonline

04-07-2016 16:07  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Kompaktes Ultraschallprüfgerät für die industrielle Instandhaltung Descargar adjunto Mit dem Sonaphone Pocket erweitert der Ultraschallspezialist Sonotec nach eigenen Angaben sein Produktportfolio um ein kompaktes Ultraschallprüfgerät. Das kleinste Prüfgerät der Sonaphone-Familie überzeuge durch seine intuitive Bedienung und werde in der vorbeugenden Instandhaltung vor allem für die Lecksuche an Druckluft-, Gas- und Vakuumanlagen eingesetzt.

20-05-2016 14:53  |  Maintenance & Support
Euromaintenance 2016 will take place in Athens at the end of May. It is the ideal moment to reflect on maintenance in a European context. Euromaintenance is known as the summit for all involved in maintenance across Europe, it’s the place to be. The conference, with the support of the EFNMS, is the only commercially independent conference covering the topics we deal with in the maintenance world.

02-05-2016 08:18  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Sonderschau Predictive Maintenance 4.0
übertrifft die Erwartungen Descargar adjunto Mit Predictive Maintenance 4.0 soll Instandhaltung vorhersehbar werden und sich dadurch Produktionsausfälle vermeiden lassen. Auf der gleichnamigen Sonderschau auf der Hannover-Messe zeigten Unternehmen der Antriebs- und Fluidtechnik konkrete Beispiele und warum Predictive Maintenance 4.0 wichtig für die Maschinenbauer und für Industrie 4.0 ist.

24-04-2016 14:24  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Microsoft wants to lift maintenance function Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sees his company's role in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as the platform from which companies will build their own software solutions. Otis Elevator Company president Philippe Delpech is in the business of moving platforms to achieve business success. In announcing his company's partnership with Microsoft at a press conference April 24 at Hannover Messe, Delpech said his company will use that digital platform to improve its operation and better use its workers. "Otis invested the elevator; without it, New York and Chicago might never existed. There would be no building above three stories," said Delpech. "One of the reasons we have led the industry for 163 years is that we have been innovative as a company. We also have been a service innovation. We h...

14-04-2016 17:04  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Plan für das Unplanbare Descargar adjunto Predictive Maintenance setzt den Blick in die „Maschinenzukunft“ voraus und bietet damit neue Möglichkeiten, um die Gesamtbetriebskosten zu reduzieren. Einen bedeutenden Schritt zur <u>Analyse des Wälzlagerzustandes </u>und zur Prognose der tatsächlichen Restlaufzeit von Wälzlagern macht ein Schweinfurter Wälzlagerhersteller mit neuen Services auf Basis einer Cloud-basierten Softwareplattform.

03-04-2016 12:56  |  Maintenance & Support
Anyone who doesn't entirely trust a crystal ball when it comes to future maintenance outlay for their production facilities should definitely head to HANNOVER MESSE 2016. Here, they can take a look at the IoT technology stack Thinglyfied from SSV Software Systems, which is being showcased for the first time with an added predictive maintenance feature.

21-03-2016 10:55  |  Maintenance & Support
Turbines at power plants are demanding applications for actuators and servo valves because motion control is the key to machine performance and safety.

20-03-2016 18:49  |  Maintenance & Support
European industry is ageing and putting pressure on maintenance performance. The same goes with state-owned bridges, railways and energy networks. What does this mean for the modern-day maintenance manager? The need for an extended Value Driven Maintenance (VDM) model, which focuses on the entire and extended asset lifecycle.

18-03-2016 15:03  |  Maintenance & Support
Fujitsu Laboratories today announced that it has developed a technology that generates synthesized 3D panoramic screens to fully understand conditions throughout a worksite for on-site maintenance, inspection and other work. Using time series images taken from a worker-side camera, when combined with augmented reality (AR) technology, remotely supporting operators can use that image to provide precise, omnidirectional instructions to field workers. In recent years, a shortage of skilled workers in Japan has put a spotlight on technology that enables skilled workers to provide remote work support to less-experienced field workers.

15-03-2016 21:36  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Gateway between cloud, in-company IT and production Siemens is launching a gateway based on the Intel Quark chip family onto the market which links cloud, in-company IT and production. The Simatic IOT2000 is designed for industrial IT solutions that acquire, process and transfer data directly in the production environment. For example, it can be used to connect the production to a cloud-based analysis of machine and production data. This gateway can also be retrofitted in existing plants, where it then harmonizes communication between different data sources, analyzes the data, and passes it on for evaluation in, for example, a cloud. The cloud could be MindSphere, the Siemens Cloud for Industry, or any other cloud preferred by the user. The Simatic IOT2000 complements the MindConnect Nano cloud gateway from Siemens. This is already on the m...

07-03-2016 12:32  |  Maintenance & Support
NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Amaro, Italy, 2016/03/07 - Eurotech’s device & data management technology combined with Hitachi High-Tech Europe’s innovative analytics solution is presented at the IoT Solutions Eurotech & Partner Area in Hannover (Hall 13 ...

29-02-2016 21:24  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Predictive maintenance showcase a new pavilion at Hannover Messe In today's evolving manufacturing environment, machines and components are digitally integrated and able to "talk" to one another. This enables factory operators to continuously capture data on machine states, combine it with information from other systems (such as ERP or CRM software), analyze it and predict the optimal point in time at which to initiate maintenance. The integration of predictive maintenance (PdM) and the data generated through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is expected to pinpoint impending outages before they occur, speed up overhaul processes and avoid production outages. A recent study by the World Economic Forum and the consulting firm Accenture lends substance to the high hopes currently riding on PdM. According to the study, PdM can reduce the cost of pl...

25-02-2016 18:52  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Field productivity trends As we shift to a service-based economy, many businesses are beefing up their product support departments in order to stay competitive. How the newest trends and technology will impact the field service industry in 2016. In 2015, field-based businesses saw the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the boom of Big Data. The growth of new business practices and technologies over the past year have made it easier for service organizations to streamline the scheduling and service process and deliver greater equipment uptime. Now, as we enter 2016, we'll see a continuation of those trends as businesses scramble to take advantage of the best mobile and back office software, become early adopters of IoT, and make sense of the recent access to valuable data. As we enter an era more reliant ...

19-02-2016 14:50  |  Maintenance & Support
Condition Monitoring (CM) has been used for many years as an integral part of a Predictive Maintenance (PM) strategy. The measurement of vibration, for example, is one of the most widely used CM techniques for detecting and diagnosing faults in the roller bearings used in many types of plant, bearings, which, if they fail unexpectedly, can result in high repair and replacement costs. - Jan 2016

09-02-2016 06:00  |  Maintenance & Support
Published:  09 February, 2016 Maintenance budget constraints are having a significant impact on machinery uptime, according to one of the UK’s leading drives and controls manufacturers. The warning, from Bosch Rexroth, has been issued to manufacturers who restrict the resouce available to maintenance departments, despite the complexity of equipment continuing to advance. A recent survey conducted by the drives and controls specialist, in conjunction with The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET), revealed that the maintenance budgets of more than 50% of manufacturers had stagnated or reduced over the past five years. This is despite the fact that more than two thirds of manufacturers stated that the breadth of equipment they maintain has increased, as well as three qua...

27-01-2016 21:37  |  Maintenance & Support
More than 240 exhibitors have booked their place so far at Underhåll, Northern Europe’s biggest trade fair in the field of operations and maintenance, at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Gothenburg. Underhåll 2016 will take place from 8−11 March.

07-08-2015 07:00  |  Maintenance & Support
The International Event will focus on Sustainable Operations and Maintenance, Maintenance within Asset Management, Asset Reliability, and current Maintenance Best Practices, including for: Energy: Power Generation Plants; Nuclear Plants ...

02-10-2012 11:45  |  Maintenance & Support
Asset Management is an integrated approach, which aims to include a holistic, systematic, systemic, risk-based and optimized analysis of the physical assets. But what does it actually means for organizations? 

12-09-2016 09:55  |  Maintenance & Support
AuthorsBernard Schmidt School of Engineering ScienceUniversity of Skövde Lihui Wang Department of Production EngineeringKTH Royal Institute of Technology School of Engineering ScienceUniversity of Skövde ORIGINAL ARTICLE First Online: 05 June 2016 Received: 25 November 2015 Accepted: 26 May 2016 DOI: 10.1007/s00170-016-8983-8Cite this article as: Schmidt, B. & Wang, L. Int J Adv Manuf Technol (2016). doi:10.1007/s00170-016-8983-8 AbstractMaintenance of assembly and manufacturing equipment is crucial to ensure productivity, product quality, on-time delivery, and a safe working environment. Predictive maintenance is an approach that utilises the condition monitoring data to predict the future machine conditions and makes decisions upon this prediction. The main aim of the present...

12-09-2016 09:46  |  Maintenance & Support
An analytical multiobjective maintenance planning model that maximizes reliability while minimizing cost and human error is proposed. In order to incorporate human error, the model minimizes the maximum human error over the planning horizon. Human Error Assessment and Reduction Technique (HEART) is used to quantify the human error. Maintenance activities include adjustment and replacement activities, in which each of them consumes a certain amount of human resource, spare parts, and budget and brings about a specified level of reliability and human error. Economic dependence is also considered, in which grouping maintenance activities reduces total cost. However, this may increase human error probability due to operator fatigue or time pressure. The main purpose is to investigate the rel...

12-09-2016 08:03  |  Maintenance & Support
Even though big data may seem like a buzzword that has permeated almost every industry on the planet, this near limitless source of information can drive unprecedented company growth and efficiency. Unfortunately, a large part of this potentially useful ...

07-09-2016 15:15  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - big data helps German trains run on time - Financial Times Financial Times big data helps German trains run on time Financial Times Now, Siemens believes it can change all that, by combining two industrial disciplines: “big data” analysis and predictive maintenance. By fitting hundreds of sensors to its locomotives, which feed back data on the condition of components, it can ensure ...

05-09-2016 02:00  |  Maintenance & Support
Smart elevator efforts by Huawei, Schindler, and ThyssenKrupp are discussed, with uses in predictive maintenance and efficient dispatch. According to Transparency Market Research, the smart elevator market is expected to grow from $9.54 billion in 2015 to ...

02-09-2016 08:30  |  Maintenance & Support
Thu, 09/01/2016 - 3:56pm Comments by Sundeep Sanghavi Before the Internet of Things emerged, automobile data was highly limited and hard to gather. For manufacturers, informed decisions were difficult to make — and it was nearly impossible to act ...

24-08-2016 13:50  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Increasing production while reducing maintenance costs: #PredictiveMaintenance promises huge benefits -> Increasing production while reducing maintenance costs: #PredictiveMaintenance promises huge benefits -> 2016-08-24 12:50:24  |  @hannover_messe

17-08-2016 14:49  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Not just for maintenance: How CMMS benefits other functions, Part II In the first part of our series, we examined how engineering and quality personnel interface with CMMS to correct an issue with a volumetric feeder before a breakdown occurs leveraging predictive maintenance. Now Part II delves into how other areas of an organization, like Sales and Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), can also gain from routine CMMS access along with Engineering, Quality, Operations, Supply Chain, Maintenance and Human Resources with different CMMS user type roles. The scenario Say a facility tour was hosted the other week by your sales team. A sales manager noticed a potential “nip point,” and wanted to react quickly to this safety hazard. He submits a maintenance request into your CMMS, which becomes automatically routed to your maintenance scheduler to rev...

02-08-2016 02:01  |  Maintenance & Support
The Machine Intelligence debate goes on, with the latest topics including predictive maintenance. The implication seems to be that if a machine can predict equipment failures and eliminate them by ...

16-07-2016 02:00  |  Maintenance & Support
It is often observed an emergency unplanned plant shutdown due to failure of a machine may not only cause production loss but may also affect plant safety. A case study shows that simple on-line vibration measurement can predict the presence of a fault at early stage so that maintenance activity can be planned before failure. - Jul 2016

06-07-2016 09:00  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Ultraschallanalyse in der Cloud Descargar adjunto Die Ultraschalltechnik kommt in der Instandhaltung bereits seit längerer Zeit zum Einsatz. Zur Auswertung erhobener Messungen gibt es nun eine App. Sie ermöglicht die Datenübertragung in ein cloudbasiertes Programm für Verlaufsvergleich und -analyse direkt vor Ort.

01-07-2016 00:30  |  Maintenance & Support
Die Instandhaltung von Produktions- und Logistikanlagen erlebt gerade einen Imagewandel: Galt das Thema noch vor kurzer Zeit als unliebsamer Kostenfaktor, investieren Unternehmen aktuell verstärkt in eine Verbesserung ihrer Strukturen und Abläufe bei der Instandhaltung. Das geht auch aus dem Maintenance Efficiency Report der Managementberatung T.A. Cook hervor. The post Instandhaltung wird zum Wettbewerbsfaktor appeared first on B&I.

20-06-2016 00:30  |  Maintenance & Support
Predictive Maintenance - also die vorausschauende Wartung - hat das Potenzial, die Instandhaltung umzukrempeln, denn sie spart Kosten, erlaubt neue Geschäftsmodelle und erhöht die Verfügbarkeit. The post Predictive Maintenance – jetzt live appeared first on B&I.

20-05-2016 12:56  |  Maintenance & Support
The Danfoss Group is a Danish global producer of products and services used within infrastructure, food, energy and climate. Their main focus is in areas such as cooling food, air conditioning, heating buildings, controlling electric motors, compressors, drives and powering mobile machinery.

30-04-2016 18:00  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - IoT to IoAT: Internet of Autonomous Things devices provides solutions The next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will deliver expertise and adaptive command and control, beyond just providing information for higher level processing. Knowledge-enhanced electronic logic (KEEL) technology will play a role in accelerating the delivery of these advanced capabilities into small, low-cost devices. The big data concept is that all of the connected devices will be producing information that is consumed by some higher-level system. Potentially, there is another view. Given that some type of controller will control these devices, many of these devices can take on new responsibilities. Gartner Inc. predicts that there will be 6.4 billion connected objects in use by 2016 and 21 billion by 2020. Rather than just producing data, these devices can perhaps take ...

19-04-2016 13:00  |  Maintenance & Support
Es ist der Alptraum eines Unternehmers: Mangelhafte Produktionsqualität oder ausfallende Fertigungsanlagen, die teure Stillstandszeiten im Werk verursachen. Reduziert oder gar ganz vermieden werden können diese durch gewissenhafte und vorausschauende Instandhaltung. Die stetig wachsende Bedeutung des Themas belegt die maintenance Stuttgart - ein Messeevent der Instandhaltungsbranche, das am 27. und 28. April 2016 bereits zum dritten Mal in Folge ausgetragen wird. Im ICS Kongress-Center, Halle C2 der Messe Stuttgart zeigen rund 90 Aussteller zwei Tage lang aktuelle Trends, Lösungsvorschläge und neue Standards zum Themenschwerpunkt „Keine Zukunft ohne Instandhaltung“.

05-04-2016 05:03  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Managing automation upgrades, retrofits Upgrades can be tricky, especially in automation systems. They come in many varieties, each with unique challenges. Sorting through a plethora of technical and operational issues while keeping budgets and schedules under control is a tough course to navigate, but great outcomes are more than possible. When pursuing an upgrade, consider these guidelines. Form and function Not all upgrades are created equal. Some can be done with simple swaps with little to no impact on operations. Others fundamentally alter the composition and behavior of the system, requiring extensive installation, training, and monitoring to complete. Usually, upgrades entail some change to the physical or logical structure of the system. New application functionality is often thrown in the mix. First, consider the diffe...

29-03-2016 18:39  |  Maintenance & Support
R. Keith Mobley, CMRP, Life Cycle Engineering Maintenance has a critical role in reliability but it is only one small part of operational or organizational reliability. read more

23-03-2016 20:11  |  Maintenance & Support

Global Operational Predictive Maintenance Market Value of USD 1884.3 Million by 2020 - Trends, Technologies ...
PR Newswire (press release)
Thsi report forecasts the operational predictive maintenance market size to grow from USD 582.3 Million in 2015 to USD 1,884.3 Million by 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.5%. The major factors contributing to the growth of the market ...
Market Report, "Operational Predictive Maintenance Market - Global Forecast to 2020", PublishedDigital Journal

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20-03-2016 19:49  |  Maintenance & Support
Not using Predictive Maintenance today is like having a black and white TV at home. If you are using Predictive Maintenance, then what are the real benefits compared to other maintenance strategies?

20-03-2016 18:44  |  Maintenance & Support
The NVDO Maintenance Compass gives an overview of the current trends and status of the Dutch maintenance sector. The good news of this year is that the confidence of the maintenance sector is high.

18-03-2016 05:06  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - On the Path to Predictive Maintenance - Control Engineering Asia Control Engineering Asia On the Path to Predictive Maintenance Control Engineering Asia Predictive maintenance (PdM) was one of the first core issues to be tackled by the manufacturing world as a challenge of Industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0 software solutions market study by Bosch Software Innovations identified PdM as a specific ...

13-03-2016 01:41  |  Maintenance & Support
Predictive Maintenance - Increasing Uptime In The Transportation ... TechFinancials news (blog) For organisations within the transportation sector, the use of intelligent predictive maintenance platforms – connected to a variety of structured and. y más »

10-03-2016 18:07  |  Maintenance & Support
Operational Predictive Maintenance Market Worth 1.88 Billion USD by 2020 PR Newswire (press release) According to a new market research report, "Operational Predictive Maintenance Market by Solution, by Service (System Integration, Training and Support, Consulting, by Deployment Type (Cloud, on-Premise), by Application Area, by Region (NA, Europe, ... y más »

03-03-2016 06:00  |  Maintenance & Support
The power generation sector, like many others, is under constant pressure to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. This means pump equipment is expected to run for longer periods with reduced maintenance intervals. When repairs are needed, they have to be completed within tight deadlines to comply with ever shorter and shorter maintenance windows. Darrell Howard, repair engineering manager at Sulzer’s Houston facility, explains some of the key points that affect a successful repair project.

29-02-2016 11:48  |  Maintenance & Support
Predictive Maintenance is one of the hottest topics concerning Industry 4.0. It promises enormous savings to machine operators, and opens up the whole sector to a flood of digital transformations, with digital business models on its new horizons. Schaeffler AG shows where this journey is leading.

24-02-2016 18:48  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Continuous improvement with CMMS In the manufacturing sector especially, any business can benefit from using a well-designed Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for overseeing every aspect of the maintenance process. A modern CMMS can house all of your company's maintenance processes in one "system of record," curating all the data you need in one portal that's convenient and easy to use. The benefits can be numerous. One recent example is Multifilm Packaging, a manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions for the food and beverage industries and headquartered in Elgin, Illinois. By relying on Bigfoot CMMS to help with maintenance continuous improvement, Multifilm Packaging was able to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. The background on Multifilm Packaging Multifilm Packaging has carved out ...

27-01-2016 22:14  |  Maintenance & Support
Maintenance Days Europe (1-2 March in Birmingham, UK) provide a platform to share best practices and discuss topics like implementing ISO 55000, reliability based maintenance, extending life of ageing plants, asset analytics and mobile workforce management. Register now!

25-11-2015 09:43  |  Maintenance & Support
Berlin ranks now alongside London and Paris as one of the startup capitals of Europe. One manifestation of this rapid climb was the Internet of Things World Europe held in Berlin last month.

04-08-2015 07:00  |  Maintenance & Support
Der europ ische Normungsausschuss CEN/TC 319 „Maintenance“ hat die neue Norm EN 16646 „Maintenance within physical asset management“ ver ffentlicht. Das deutsche Spiegelgremium im DIN, der Arbeitsausschuss 152-06-07 AA ...

12-09-2016 09:47  |  Maintenance & Support
Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation, Dept of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras, 26500, Rio Patras, Greece Received 16 December 2014, Revised 4 September 2015, Accepted 15 December 2015, Available online 19 February 2016 Maintenance and its cost continue, over the years, to draw the attention of production management since the unplanned failures decrease the reliability of the system and also the return of investments. Advanced maintenance techniques that capture and process shop-floor information can reduce costs and increase the sustainability of an enterprise. This paper presents a condition-based preventive maintenance approach integrated into a machine monitoring framework. The latter acquires data from shop-floor machine tools and ana...

12-09-2016 09:46  |  Maintenance & Support
Highlights • We integrate production, maintenance, and quality. • We evaluate all the expected costs. • Our model allows for a joint selection of the optimal values. • A solution algorithm is developed. • Increasing PM level will decrease quality control costs. Abstract This paper integrates production, maintenance, and quality for an imperfect process in a multi-period multi-product capacitated lot-sizing context. The production system is modeled as an imperfect machine, whose the status is considered to be either in-control or out-of-control. When the machine is out of control, it produces a fraction of nonconforming items. During each period, this machine is inspected and imperfect preventive maintenance activities are simultaneously performed to reduce its age, ...

09-09-2016 01:51  |  Maintenance & Support
... is critical to preserve the food quality over time. Predictive and preventive maintenance can dramatically increase the percentage of times a train is in use rather than sitting in a ...

07-09-2016 08:33  |  Maintenance & Support
Every device, no matter how connected, has the potential to break. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to permeate every sector of manufacturing, from transportation and logistics to automotive and utilities, businesses are turning to predictive ...

03-09-2016 02:30  |  Maintenance & Support
At the International SAP Conference on Asset Management, customers will show how they are achieving operational excellence, enhancing quality and compliance, and ultimately maximizing return on assets. - Sep 2016

02-09-2016 01:00  |  Maintenance & Support
Auf der 6. Jahrestagung, die vom 28. bis 29. September 2016 in Berlin stattfindet, werden Lösungsansätze aufgezeigt, um das interne Ersatzteilwesen weiterzuentwickeln und dadurch messbare Verbesserungen in den Bereichen Anlagenverfügbarkeit, Produktivität, Qualität und Kosteneffizienz zu realisieren. The post Modernes Ersatzteilmanagement in der Instandhaltung appeared first on B&I.

24-08-2016 08:00  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Zustandsüberwachung der Intralogistik Descargar adjunto Systeme für das Condition Monitoring von Industriemaschinen optimieren die Instandhaltung. Für Geräte wie Stapler oder Kräne existierte dieser Weg bisher noch nicht. Wissenschaftler wollen nun Sensornetzwerke und Algorithmen auch für die Erfassung des Zustands von Maschinen der Intralogistik entwickelt haben.

10-08-2016 15:01  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Mit Opex auf dem besten Weg zur vollkommenen Fertigung Descargar adjunto Perfektion ist der Inbegriff von Vollkommenheit und Unfehlbarkeit. In der Industrie heißt Perfektion Operational Excellence und bedeutet im Hinblick auf die Fertigung die <u>Optimierung der kompletten Prozesskette</u> und minimierten Energieverbrauch, aber auch die Vermeidung von Stillständen durch vorausschauende Instandhaltung.

26-07-2016 11:48  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Low-Voltage Motors Now Integrated in the IoT Descargar adjunto Low-Voltage Motors Now Integrated in the IoT At HANNOVER MESSE 2016, ABB was using Smart Sensors to present a Condition Monitoring solution that makes the predictive maintenance of low-voltage motors a truly economic proposal, providing plant operators with far more control, together with new business models for service providers.

15-07-2016 21:52  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Lessons in Handling Asset Management Information by Claire Gowson Asset Management Consultant at eAsset Management So, when was the last time you made a decision based on gut feel? That is, a choice based on what your intuition told you, rather than weighing up more obviously tangible or robust evidence. Was it choosing breakfast (yes – that is the most literal example of gut feel I could think of!)? Deciding whether you wanted a second date? Or was it hiring a new employee? There are some decisions in life where gut feel plays an...

05-07-2016 15:35  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Collision-tolerant Drones and UAVs In another industry first, DJI has partnered with Swiss aerial technology company Flyability to integrate the Lightbridge 2, an ultra-reliable image transmission system, with the collision-tolerant Elios aircraft. Elios is the first UAV designed for inspection and exploration of inaccessible or confined spaces. With a robust enclosure giving the system the ability to withstand impact, the Elios leverages Lightbridge 2 technology to reliably navigate complex structures and metallic...

21-06-2016 09:22  |  Maintenance & Support
IMG - Instandhaltung in der chemischen Verfahrenstechnik Descargar adjunto Es ist allgegenwärtig: Das Thema Industrie 4.0 beschäftigt auch die chemische Industrie. Welche Optimierungsmöglichkeiten sich hier für die Instandhaltung ergeben, damit beschäftigt sich die VDI-Fachkonferenz „Instandhaltung in der chemischen Verfahrenstechnik“ am 26. und 27. Oktober 2016 in Stuttgart.

18-06-2016 04:45  |  Maintenance & Support
aBIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH at the University of Bremen, Hochschulring 20, 28359 Bremen, GermanybLogDynamics Lab at the University of Bremen, Hochschulring 20, 28359 Bremen, GermanycPSPS – Planning and Control of Production and Logistics Systems, Production Engineering, University of Bremen, Germany Received 4 December 2014, Revised 28 August 2015, Accepted 5 January 2016, Available online 19 February 2016 Most fault detection systems (FDS) have proved their efficiency in the detection of anomalies and disruptions in technical systems. However, the detection of these anomalies and disruptions is time consuming and not applicable to real-time applications. Moreover many technical systems like e.g. machines and plants require a real-time decision suppo...

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Augmented reality is transforming field maintenance. With DAQRI Smart Helmet™, workers get real-time visual instructions, equipment diagnostics, and operational data, turning every user into a maintenance expert. read more

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IMG - Siemens introduces digital services for energy Experts say that the digital universe will double in size every 2 years and that by 2020 will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes, containing nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe (Source: IDC). With advanced analytics, this Big Data is being transformed into smart data, revolutionizing business models across all industries, including energy. As this digital revolution magnifies, Siemens is driving pioneering new digital services and expanding its current service solutions for its global customers. The Siemens Power Generation Services Division has been advancing the development of digital trends, building upon its more than 20 years of experience collecting and analyzing data as part of its power diagnostics services. The company is deploying proje...

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Renowned international invited guests, along with 104 distinguished speakers from 28 different countries, will be visiting Athens for the EuroMaintenance 2016 Conference, which will take place between 30 May and 1 June 2016.

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Der Treffpunkt für Instandhalter findet am 1. und 2. Juni 2016 bei der Daimler AG in Berlin statt. Das 37. VDI/VDEh-Forum Instandhaltung bietet die Möglichkeit zum regen Austausch über die moderne Instandhaltung. The post 37. VDI/VDEh-Forum Instandhaltung 2016 appeared first on B&I.

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IMG - The changing paradigm for CMMS development There's a great deal of pressure to use modern technology for coordinating logistics and overcoming business challenges— particularly in manufacturing, where processes can be complex and efficiency is key. Surprisingly, though, there's been a notable decline in recent months in companies relying on outside software providers to help them manage operations. The market for outsourcing just isn't what it used to be. Largely, this is the case because companies are moving away from client server-based software and embracing cloud platforms instead. This is unsurprising—it's a natural stage in the evolution of business technology. Cloud-based systems, such as flexibly-designed computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), reduce the need for customizations and implem...

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The right maintenance strategy is performing the right task at the right time. Asset performance management (APM) is a process that ensures that assets are safe, reliable, and efficient over their operating life.

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In Australia mining is a huge industry. Let’s take a look at how mining operations can improve their practices through predictive maintenance driven by ultrasonic tools.

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Engineering asset management encompasses all types of engineered assets from infrastructure and equipment to software systems across all sectors of industry and the public sector. Successful asset management requires multidisciplinary approaches. The WCEAM 2015 conference slogan reminds us of the fact that physical assets are not there for their own sake, but to create value for their owners, users and other stakeholders.

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The biennial Plant and Asset Management Exhibition, co-located alongside; Drives & Controls, European Offshore Energy, Air-Tech and Fluid Power & Systems Exhibitions – is once again set to return to Birmingham’s NEC (Halls 3/3A) from 12-14th April 2016, alongside MACH 2016 and National Electronics Week 2016. Collectively the exhibitions will be the largest manufacturing and engineering events of 2016, and will create an unmissable event.

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Predictive maintenance brings efficiency to Trenitalia “The project was built according to the requirements expressed by the operation management and represents a paradigm shift. There is no more maintenance by mileage or by time. The goal is to keep costs to a minimum by applying predictive maintenance ...

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IMG - Dr. Köckler im Interview: Predictive Maintenance + #Industrie40 auf der  @hannover_messe 2016 Dr. Köckler im Interview: Predictive Maintenance + #Industrie40 auf der @hannover_messe 2016 2016-03-08 09:29:29  |  @VDMAonline

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Industrial Interface will be exhibiting their range of Remote Asset Monitoring equipment including Wireless Sensors for temperature, pressure, strain gauge, tilt, vibration and virtually any process parameter. - Mar 2016

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With a global reliance on energy and a sustained period of low oil prices, BPD Zenith’s cloud-based asset management solution comes at a critical time for the oil and gas industry. MaxiCloud, based on IBM Maximo Asset Management, is a key opportunity for improving operational efficiency and cutting cost. - Feb 2016

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Today’s fast-moving consumer market is putting pressure on manufacturers to be able to share digital product information seamlessly and quickly across retail & distribution channels. Click here to learn how a centralized digital asset management platform helps! read more

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Rolling bearings are critical components used extensively in many types of plant and equipment, and if they fail unexpectedly can result in catastrophic failure with associated high repair and replacement costs. Consequently, vibration based condition monitoring has been used for many years to detect and diagnose machine faults and form the basis of a predictive maintenance strategy. - Jan 2016

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The more advanced, data-driven approach to data center maintenance is predictive. This strategy relies on a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to monitor machine components before they break down ...

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The most important Bearing Industry event of 2016 will take place on 22-23 March 2016 in Dortmund, during a 2 days long Conference, Workshops and EXPO. BRCE2016 is the meeting place where both the global bearing players meet the established global equipment Reliability strategies and brings them both together as one message – Bearing Reliability!

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Marshall Institute’s popular 3-day seminar Supervising Maintenance has been updated and will be delivered for the very first time in Charleston, South Carolina, USA on December 8 – 10, 2015.

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Since its inception 44 years ago, the Internet grown drastically and now has even become a tool for maintenance teams. Welcome to predictive maintenance in the cloud. Taking advantage of continuously developing wireless sensing ...